About Beauabea

Beauabea is described by founder Katie as a “love story of style and sass” and, with its carefully curated selection of sartorial accessories, it’s proving just how true that description is.

Although a relatively young business, you can immediately recognise Katie’s innate sense of style and penchant for accessories that breathe a luxury, bohemian spirit and vibe.

 Hello Weekend Tote BagPort Soller Earrings and Santorini Fedora Hat (the list could go on…), all perfect for whisking away as you jet-set off on holiday to azure skies and tranquil seas.

 “you know its funny, I wasn’t going to launch my business and I lacked self-confidence and to be brutally honest I was afraid of what people would think. Thankfully something in my head told me to do it and I am so glad I did.” 

Lots of Love

Katie xx